1939 Born in Dresden (GER)

German, Englisch, French
Business degree in Economics

1963 Sales Director

Developed West African Market to becom the largest and most profitable corporation of the group in Africa.

1976 Marketing and Sales Director

NORDMENDE, Bremen (Germany)
Developed new marketing and advertising campains, launched training programs for dealers and branch managers.

1987 Executive Vice President

AEG Vienna (Austria)
Stabilized existing units and identified new markets in bordering countries; market share gain by 6%, profit center earnings improved by 30% - marketing and sales, logistics, ordering systems, storage organisation.

1991 President of the Executive Board of Directors

EGS-Electric Corporation, Suhl (Germany)
Restructed finances, sales, operations and workforce for successful privatisation on behalf of the Treuhand. 3600 employees in total in production of electrical appliances.

1993 Member of the Executive Board of Directors

HTF-Group, Bad Kreuznach (Germany)
Responsible for strategic and marketing activities. Implementing TQM.
Managing Director of HTF-Dünnwald (Berlin, Germany)
Serving Eastern Germany. In one year increases revenue 50%, and realized strategic plan having an annual objective of 5-6% net profit.

1996 Chief Executive Officer EP AUSTRIA

Leading European service and purchase organisation. Member of the Executive Bord of Directors EP International Responsible for Central Europe and Austria.


Partner and Managing Director, responsible for Austria, Southern Germany, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Bordering Central European Countries.



Jürgen H. Griesbach

company efficiency advisor

Krapfenwaldgasse 42/4
1190 Wien, Austria


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