My personal approach and fair pricing

1. You contact me.
2. We meet together personally.
3. I understand principles of Your company. Together we name problems and identify business difficulties.
4. We agree on our next steps, targets and deadlines.
5. I work with Your company to achieve agreed results.

Fair and result-based pricing of my services

First half of my price is for the analysis and time spent with Your company. Second half of the price of my consulting services is based on achieving agreed results and reaching targets.

1) 50% of the full consulting fees for the daily job and time spent with Your company.

2) next 30% for the achievment of reaching targets/steps in between, which are in advance fixed and agreed together with You.

3) the remaining 20% for reaching the final target/success, which was also defined at the beginning of the consultancy together with You

According to this procedure, You have a full guarantee to invest only into costly consulting aktivities, when reaching targets defined together with You at the beginning!!!!

Invest only into useful and efficient business consultancy!!



Jürgen H. Griesbach

company efficiency advisor

Krapfenwaldgasse 42/4
1190 Wien, Austria


Tel. +43 1 3204115

Fax +43 1 3204115-15

Mobile +43 664 3259625

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